New England Garden Notebook: Hating Bambi

I jinxed it and solved part of the mystery all at once. The deer are eating my hostas, or what’s left of them. I’m pretty sure I wrote a post with this title a few years back when they ate my tulip buds (I actually heard them chewing one spring night). Now I put out […]

Hoping that the Present Generation of Veterans Gets the Same Kind of Respect We Give the Greatest Generation

Right now that hope is a little dim, given that the wars we have now are coming to a close (if we can call it that) with more of a whimper than a VE Day/VJ Day bang. NPR ran a touching story on Honor Flight New England, an organization that offers free trips to DC […]

Going with Your Gut – Scientists are Trying to Understanding the Role of Bacteria in the Ecosystem that is Your Body

Originally posted on Tumblehome Talks:
Sometimes getting dirty is good. Bacteria isn’t all bad, and some doctors and scientists worry that America’s penchant for hand sanitizers and antibacterial cleaners might be killing off too many of the bacteria we need to keep our bodies functioning at their best. A recent study indicated that children whose…

Two Steps Back: “The Week” is weak.

There are plenty of reasons I haven’t  posted much lately, but it took this little media gift to send me scurrying back to my blog. The Week arrived in my U. S. Mail box yesterday. That’s right, a magazine with Santa on the cover arrived on January 6, 2014. It’s dated December 27, 2013, so […]