On my desk sits a three ring binder that has all the letters from my family – mostly my mother – that I’ve managed to save over the years. Every time I read them they tell me something new, and I love the voices that come through – storyteller, parent, pundit, friend. Sometimes the letter is directed at me but sometimes I can tell that the writer is just saying something that they need to say to anyone – that it is a way of completing his or her own thoughts. But the epistolary style of writing is changing; people seldom write or respond to handwritten letters, and frankly, if I sent a letter or called someone every time I wanted to, I would never get anything done and I would drive everyone crazy. And yet this is a style in which I have always loved to write, and it is this conversational tone that fuels my need to write as well as the larger narrative.

So, for now, this is LettersHead.

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