Frank Lloyd Wright, as I always hoped he would be

I have always loved the graphic design, ideas and lines of Wright’s architecture but when I see his acutal work I am often disappointed by the poor workmanship, the dark corners or the clunky oakiness the detail work and furnishings.  But I just found a posting of a Cincinnatti house that has the interiors and light as I always hoped they would be – it’s an old posting on another blog but the Boswell House photographs are stunning.  The Hooked on Houses blog is actually a lot of fun.  And the novel Loving Frank (cloying title, great novel based on real-life events) is a worthwhile read.

One thought on “Frank Lloyd Wright, as I always hoped he would be

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  1. Last year during our house leaking/dry rot debacle, our construction consultant told me a story about Frank Lloyd Wright. Seems his houses are famous for leaking and dry rot. This was pointed out to him and supposedly he replied that “art should not be left out in the rain.”

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