Going, going. . .

Things I finally began to notice that are gone or on their way out (a sure sign of a mid life crisis in full bloom):

  • Phone booths
  • Drive-up bank tellers with people behind the window
  • Tiny packages of Life Savers (that the drive-up tellers used to give out)
  • Boom boxes
  • Photo booths that develop camera film
  • Full service gas stations
  • Postage stamps
  • Hand-written letters (I know, that’s why I’m here)
  • The Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature (paper version)
  • Aprons that only cover from the waist down
  • Instamatic cameras
  • Flash bulbs
  • Knee socks
  • Rice pudding (wishful thinking)
  • TV dinners with compartments for each kind of food
  • Miracle Whip (more wishful thinking)
  • Cassette players
  • Swizzle sticks that look like swords
  • Sanka
  • Seven-digit phone numbers
  • Jiffy Pop
  • White shoes (they’ll be back)
  • Ash trays
  • Rotary phones
  • Clip-on earrings

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