Grand-ish Opening

Well, we had our soft opening in October and now, on this New Year’s Day, I am opening new links to Lettershead on Facebook and other sites.  I don’t often read blogs belonging to others and so I can’t offer a truly compelling rationale for reading this one.  My reasons for launching Lettershead are offered in the right sidebar – since I am driven to write, it is nice to have a place to put it my stories and to share those things that I once put in letters but have in recent years have tended to languish on my hard drive.  I hope to use this techno-venue to sort through fact and fiction from what happened in the last decade (and the ones before that) and to present new facts and fiction of my own in the years ahead.  There’s also a list of people and places on the right linking to sites that I do visit, other LettersHead sites, reviews, etc. 

You can wade through the earlier posts or wait for what will emerge in 2010 – but thanks all the same for stopping by.  Heartfelt thanks, also, to everyone who encouraged me to start LettersHead and who have helped along the way – you know who you are and you are all lovely. 

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Grand-ish Opening

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  1. Happy New Year’s, LettersHead! Thanks for providing lovely, compelling, writing and photographs! Thanks for brightening and inspiring my days!

  2. Your lovely writing and photos are reason enough to continue checking in with Lettershead. Welcome to cyberspace!

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